Did you know that skiing holidays can provide plenty of health benefits ? Apart from burning up to 3,000 calories during six hours of skiing, you can lose up to five pounds of weight in a week, tone your stomach muscles, boost your immunity and even relieve depression! Although skiing exercises all our major muscle groups, it particularly targets the inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and buttock muscles – thanks to the crouching position that skiing involves. Warming up and down for ten minutes before and after skiing will help prevent muscle soreness and potential injuries. There are many beautiful skiing resorts in Europe. If you love mountains, specifically getting to the top of them and sliding down to the bottom, or you simply love the thought of wrapping up with a warm glass of gluhwein as you gaze out on a snowy panorama, we’ve rounded up the best places to head for ski and apres-ski in Europe. Whether you want to rub shoulders with a millionaire on the mountain or plan an escape, here’s our run-down of the best places to hit the slopes.
The ski terrain is mostly intermediate, but there plenty of areas for beginners. The clientele of Courchevel is rich and glamorous – boasting skiers from Russia, Japan and Brazil. As such, the area is one of the Europe’s most sophisticated ski resorts.
There are luxurious chalet-style lodgings, cosy spots for a round of apres-ski and a vibrant party scene that goes on well into the night.
St Anton is one of the top five resorts in the Alps.

Should you decide to take a break and go for a skiing holidays do not hesitate to contact our agency as most of our girls are excellent skiers. Perfect companions for your skiing trip.